World-Herald: Omaha family changed by adoption

In Sunday editions of the Omaha World-Herald, Josefina Loza profiled the Becker family of Omaha. Amy and Thomas Becker adopted 3 children from Haiti two years ago.

Following years of paperwork and long delays, the adoption process was expedited after an earthquake devastated the island nation in January 2010.

We first were introduced to the Becker family two years ago when they adopted three children from Haiti. Mary Beth, 15, and Anna, 13, welcomed 6-year-old Vialancia and 3-year-old twins Jean (now John) and Jeannette. Their heartwarming story is a prime example of how adoption changes lives.

In honor of National Adoption Month, an appropriate time to celebrate family and blessings, we revisited the Beckers. The couple shared what’s happened since they adopted — their sweet, tender moments and the sometimes chaotic life that comes with having five children, including three from a different culture.

Read the story on to find out how the family has adjusted.

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